Museum, State Park, and Other Passes

Ilsley Public Library and Sarah Partridge Library offer passes conferring free or reduced admission to the museums and state parks listed below:

  • State Park Pass
  • Shelburne Farms
  • Shelburne Museum
  • Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
  • State Historic Sites
  • Vermont History Museum
  • The Bird Museum
  • Echo Leahy Center for Lake Champlain
  • Old Stone House Museum
  • The Wiggle Room
  • Snow Bowl – Coming Soon
  • Rikert Nordic Center – Coming Soon
  1. Passes at Ilsley Public Library must be returned to the library on the evening of the loan. After hours the pass can be returned, in its envelope, through the side book return slot.
  2. Passes at Sarah Partridge Community Library will be loaned until the next open day of the library. Sarah Partridge is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
  3. A fee of $10 shall be assessed for not returning the pass by the end of the day.
  4. A household may only borrow a pass to a particular museum or to the State Parks one Saturday per year.
  5. If the pass has not been picked up by 3:00 pm the library may lend the pass to someone else unless prior arrangements have been made. For questions about a specific pass, please contact Ilsley Public Library at (802) 388-4095.

Makery Pass

The Makery at the Hannaford Career Center is a membership-based collaborative that currently offers an Engineering Lab/3D Printing, a Building Trades Lab, and a Costume/Sewing Lab. Currently, the Makery is open to adult members from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. every Thursday. The Library Makery Pass entitles the holder to use the Makery at no cost.
• The Makery Pass is checked out for up to a week at a time (one Thursday) and must be returned on the Friday following its use.
• The pass may not be renewed. If no one else has reserved it by Saturday, the pass may be checked out again to the same patron.
• Children younger than 14 are not allowed.
• Children 14-18 need to be accompanied by an adult guardian at all times in the labs. The pass permits an adult guardian to accompany a child in order to use the makery.
• In the Woodworking Lab the age is 16-18 accompanied by an adult guardian at all times.
• After hours the pass can be returned, in its envelope, through the side book return slot.
• A fee of $1 shall be every day the pass is overdue.